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The Crypt Club - Press

The Crypt Club - Julie at the gravesite. THE CRYPT CLUB
"Are you in or out?"

A dark, cautionary tale of three teenage girls who drive a vintage hearse to a deserted country cemetery for a midnight initiation that will challenge each girl’s conscience – with horrific results.

Canada 2004, English, 23:00, Horror/Drama

DIRECTOR: Miguel Gallego / PRODUCERS: Miguel Gallego, Nancy Moore, Jesse D. Ikeman, Louise Mackintosh / WRITER: Miguel Gallego / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Walter Pacifico / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Nicholas Longstaff / EDITOR: Miguel Gallego

CAST: Alison Pill, Jessica Greco, Kerry Segal, Michèle Duquet

"With THE CRYPT CLUB, Miguel Gallego has created an eerie yet strangely beautiful world where the desires of the living and the hunger of the supernatural intersect.  Smartly, its horror is drawn from believable characters in a fantastic situation, not blood and gore.  Its results are as chilling as its Canadian setting."

Mike Mongillo
New Haven Underground Film Festival

"… THE CRYPT CLUB is one of those films that gives you as little information as possible going in.  That way each line of dialogue is an amazing revelation and each scene is a wonderful case of character development.  The haunting imagery lends itself nicely to a story that boils down to, first, what will you do to be accepted?  And second, the act of finding out that you don't want to be accepted by the group in the first place."

"Director Gallego gives us a black and white creep-fest that shows that he is on his way to making quite a name for himself in the future."

Douglas A. Waltz
Cult Cuts

"The highest production value this festival has seen yet comes in the form of this smart, character-driven story of three high school girls involved in a dark initiation ceremony that takes a supernatural turn. Young Julie is new to the area and has found potential friends in Pearl and Liesl. The only thing left to do is join their club."

"Director Miguel Gallego brings us a truly chilling story that is both haunting and touching. He brings us into a terrifying story that is very well written, but it’s his characters that really draw you in. He manages to give the deepest humanity to each girl, allowing us to understand who each of them are and what their motivations might be."

"This dark story of friendship, fear, loneliness, and obsession keeps its audience guessing and engaged until the final frame. Its cinematography is beautifully executed, production design flawless, and acting superb. But, what is most memorable from this film is that simple question and how it is answered: "Are you in, or out?""

Scott Masterson
Salem Independent Horror Film Festival

"Atmospheric horror … very stylish and tightly constructed. Fifteen-year-old Julie must commit a mortal sin and desecrate the grave of the town martyr if she hopes to gain entrance to the exclusive Crypt Club. Actor Alison Pill deserves special mention as the manipulative Liesl who maniacally persuades the young Julie to betray her sense of Catholic decency, although the real star of THE CRYPT CLUB is Nicholas Longstaff’s haunting, operatic score that will delight even the most severe audio-necrophiles."

Rue Morgue Magazine

"… THE CRYPT CLUB is a notable short for being strong in almost every area many short horror films are weak: script, production values, acting."

"The three actresses anchor the film’s realism, conveying well the sense of floating fear that teenagers wallow in. Production values are high, with particular attention paid to sound design (something crucial to horror films that many shorts neglect). The strong script is used in a smart, recursive way that gives earlier words new resonance as the film’s unfolds."

"Though THE CRYPT CLUB doesn’t try to break new ground or reach too far, it doesn’t have to. For a short film, what an audience should expect is a well-executed premise, tight production, and solid acting, and THE CRYPT CLUB has all those things and more."

"Writer/director Gallego’s next project, whatever it is, deserves attention."

Sam Costello

"Most everyone who knows me knows I am not a huge fan of ghosts. It’s my least favorite sub-genre. Every now and then, something comes along and grabs my attention."

"… Beautifully filmed, this story tells what teens will do to be accepted. A story of betrayal and brutality, the old adage of what goes around comes around holds true. When you have a well-written script, topnotch acting, a quality soundtrack, and great direction, this could easily be revamped into a full feature film. Canadian director Gallego is one to keep your eye on."

Eve Blaack
The Hacker’s Source magazine

"Friday, the 13th of May (ooooh, spooky), the New Haven Underground Film Festival will drop at the Augusta Curtis Cultural Center in Meriden. Six films are on tap, three comedies and three horror shorts. Critics will tell you the one to look for is THE CRYPT CLUB, a darling of the indie film circuit, featuring performances by young actresses Alison Pill (Pieces of April), Jessica Greco (Assault on Precinct 13) and Kerry Segal (Ramona, Family Pictures). "

Doron Monk Flake
The New Haven Advocate

"I saw this lovely piece of low-budget horror during Horror Fiesta Festival in Warsaw. This neat little horror flick is wonderfully entertaining and it provides plenty of creepy atmosphere."

"… THE CRYPT CLUB is a lovely little horror indie with some creepy shots of the Necropolis cemetery. The soundtrack is extremely atmospheric and the film is well made and acted."

"I can easily say that I enjoyed it very immensely, so kudos should go to its director Miguel Gallego. Three main characters (the girls) are convincing and the climax kept me on the edge of my seat. Check out this wonderful little indie. Recommended!"

IMDB web page comment

  • Best Dramatic Short Horror Film
    Tabloid Witch Awards 2007, Hollywood, CA
  • Audience Choice Award
    Fearless Tales Genre Fest 2005, San Francisco, CA
  • Best International Short
    International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival 2005, Tempe, AZ
  • Best Short Film
    Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival 2004, Providence, RI
  • Best Film
    Chicago Horror Film Festival 2004, Chicago, IL
  • Best Film
    Salem Independent Horror Film Festival 2004, Salem, MA
  • Best Short Film
    Twisted Sinema Underground Movie Festival 2004, Toronto, ON
  • Best Short Film
    Frozen Dead Guy Days Film Festival 2004, Nederland, CO
  • Best Short Film
    Toronto Hispano-American Film Festival 2004, Toronto,ON
  • Best Overall Production
    Horror Dance Film Festival 2005, Houston, TX
  • Best Director
    New Haven Underground Film Festival 2005, Meriden, CT
  • Best Cinematography
    Just Another Film Festival 2004, Ogden, UT
  • Best Original Music
    Just Another Film Festival 2004, Ogden, UT
  • Special Recognition
    Boston International Film Festival 2004, Boston, MA
  • Highly Commended
    Festival of Fantastic Films 2004, Manchester, UK
  • Silver Remi Award, Creative Excellence
    WorldFest International Film Festival 2005, Houston, TX
  • Honorable Mention - Best Horror Short
    Shockerfest Film Festival 2004, Modesto, CA
  • Honorable Mention
    Silver Screams Film Festival 2005, Houston, TX

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