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Please read the following before submitting your work to us.

Short Films

We crave to see your short horror/thriller films for future volumes of our short horror film compilation, AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits

We offer Filmmakers:

  • a non-exclusive license agreement
  • no fees for submission or screening
  • a 50/50 profit split
  • a chance to earn extra cash through direct links to our associates
  • prolonged exposure to a wider audience
  • strength in numbers

and, most important:

  • you keep 100% ownership of your film!

What are you waiting for? Send us your short horror/thriller film. Today.

Complete details & submission forms are available at

Feature Films

We're not there, yet. But we do plan to broaden our distribution to include selected feature length films.

Stay tuned...


Script and Screenplay submissions to CCPI are generally of two kinds:

  • scripts for breakdown & scheduling services
  • screenplays for option & purchase

Script Breakdown & Scheduling Service

Filmmaking is all about your Story meeting Time and Money. To create a realistic production budget you must first create a solid script breakdown and a realistic shooting schedule.

Whether you're putting together a budget for potential investors, or trying to allocate resources to a fixed budget, let us help you figure out the answers to your film's "What and how?" so you can more accurately determine "How much?"

From ultra-low budget films to multi-million dollar movies, we do professional screenplay breakdowns and scheduling for real film production budgeting.

We can suggest ways to save you money with simple re-writes that maximize your schedule and resources.

Depending on your screenplay's length and complexity we can turn a script breakdown and shooting schedule around in a few days. And we can connect with experienced professional film production managers to come up with a working budget for your film.

Contact us for our fee schedule and to discuss the elements, variables, and parameters that may affect your film's scheduling and budget.

Screenplay Option & Purchase

We love a good read. And, from time to time, we accept submissions of completed screenplays for production consideration.

CAVEAT: We are neither film financiers nor investors. Our interest in outside screenplays is to option or purchase them for our own production.

Submitted screenplays must be in standard screenplay format and accompanied by a completed submission release form. No release, no read.

In addition to the Submission Release Form, you should be familiar with our Film Rights & Clearances Guidelines. If a screenplay and its underlying rights cannot be cleared for commercial use then we cannot consider it.

Download the Adobe (.pdf) documents from the links below:

* Get Adobe Reader free from

We look forward to some stimulating, hair-raising reading.